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  1. Very cool. I remember a world champ coming to my school when I was a kid. He had two yo yo’s moving in loops at another kid and plucked a coin right out of the students ear!

    A question for you. I liked that video and I am sure many others would too, including students. But when you read the comments, profanities show up. This is common in many YouTube videos. How do we get around this without the phone ringing off the hook at school? I have a few ideas, but would like to hear other opinions.

  2. I agree with you, Dave, and it’s why I don’t like my students to blindly search YouTube. It’s not just the comments, often related videos pop up in the sidebar that are inappropriate.
    My solution is to collect videos I want to share with students in vodpod. It’s a pretty clean design, and I have some control over what pops into their field of view.
    That said, I will be playing this one with the volume low. The lyrics (even on this cleaned up version)don’t pass the test for my Gr. 6 classroom. I don’t believe the video maker gave credit for “Stronger” to Kanye West.
    I’d love to know what others think about this.

  3. Profanities in the comments and copyright issues. Both of these are parental and education issues. Things that many parents and districts are hoping to avoid by filtering the content if the internet. Trying to handle a problem by avoiding or ignoring it only makes students seek out their own answers from sources they find. We as teachers should be one of the sources students go to for answers.
    That said YoGrant is developing a very strong and interesting style of storytelling, check out his video 12 hours in the bathroom. I’m sure that kids his age can relate to that video.

  4. Thanks for the link.

    Chan, I checked out the 12 hrs vid and your totally correct it’s a great example of a kid learning to be themselves and explore their world online.

    I’m always amazed at what kids produce. They really understand the media so well. As us adults get more accustomed to working in this way and allow students to have more space I think we will continue to see kids being amazing.

    Check out this vid I helped a group of students produce. I really only gave them minimal instruction.


  5. @Dave I have no technical solution for this, but really appreciate @chan’s approach … think it is a parental issue. More so, it is certainly a societal issue as the norms around what is appropriate are not are being challenged. Of course, school board policies are not currently equipped to deal with this ‘stuff’.

    @Chan thanks also for the link to storytelling.

    @Concetta … thanks for your link as well, great stuff!

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