Jeremy Paxman on Disappearing Television

Jeremy Paxman, legendary BBC journalist, speaks about the changes in broadcast media as it relates to the blogosphere.

We’ve become obsessed with how the copper wire is organized and we have forgotten about the electricity.

And a very related bonus clip:

One thought on “Jeremy Paxman on Disappearing Television

  1. He’d have to adapt the speech somewhat here in the U.S., where the networks seem bent on inventing less-and-less-real “reality” TV. I suppose in the right circumstances, you can make money with a program centered on Lindsay Lohan’s mother. And if there’s enough money, I guess someone’s going to try and make it.

    Paxman’s really talking about Nicholas Negroponte’s atoms and bits. Of course (switching metaphors), technophiliacs have been known to rhapsodize so much about the cart that they seem to forget to ask what someone else might want to transport. A lecture isn’t automatically valuable to you because it’s a podcast; it’s just portable.

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