PrimoPDF – Free PDF Converter

While OS X has a built-in PDF conversion utility, this can’t be said for Windows XP or 9x. In the past, when I have wanted to convert a document to PDF format, I have had pay for Adobe Acrobat. However, I have now noticed a relatively new and FREE PDF conversion utility for the PC called PrimoPDF. Download the free program, and it installs itself as a virtual print driver. Now you can convert just about any printable document to a PDF by pointing your print jobs to PrimoPDF instead of your printing device.

Download PrimoPDF here.

3 thoughts on “PrimoPDF – Free PDF Converter

  1. Personally I only need to convert various documents to pdfs.

    I use PDF Writer ( ) and I’m quite satisfied with it.

    I tried some free ones, but some lacked features while other ( like pdfonline ) imply a privacy risk, I don’t want to send my files to a site for conversion.


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