Open Source Day – Resources

Since Rick Schwier proclaimed this day to be “open source day”, I better get on the ball. Here are a few of the latest resources and news articles I have found on the subject.

elearnspace has just provided an excellent post on finding open source-related tutorials. These are helpful for individuals or organizations thinking of migrating to open source products.

Sourceforge provides an insightful article which criticizes the actualization of the GPL versus its initial intended purpose. GPL (General Public License) is one of the many open source-type licenses that enables the progress of the entire movement.

Stephen Downes recently pointed to a case-study focused on the use of open source software in four Norwegian schools, specifically SkoleLinux. It’s a very interesting read, and these type of implementations seem to be the trend. For instance, Ontario’s school system has recently called for the implementation of Star Office in all of it’s schools. Additionally, Acadia University has recently adopted a Linux distribution as a requirement for all undergraduate student computers.

Well this is my minimal contribution of open source related articles for ‘open source day’. To keep up with the currents of open source, I would recommend checking out Newsforge or Canopener.