Design Coding Rap

The Poetic Prophet (AKA The SEO Rapper) is back with another marketing rap. This time he describes how web standards and proper design can affect the ranking and conversion of pages on your site.

Now I want to see Shareski rap something related to Design Matters. Seriously.

12 thoughts on “Design Coding Rap

  1. While the rap itself is interesting, of more interest to me is the idea of “teaching” high level design concepts in a fun and engaging way. Students might create these sorts of raps to demonstrate their knowledge of content and academic vocabulary, and share them with other students as study guides, as well as for critiques. GLAD (Guided Language Acquisition Design) suggests that chants (or songs or raps) that use high level content vocabulary and concepts help students to better remember and understand ideas through repetition and rhythm. If we do these on video or as podcasts, it’s possible we’ve added a way for students to engage with the content at home. My gut feeling is that a student is far more likely to share a podcast or video they’ve created performing a chant, than share the chant a cappella.

  2. Here you go, my rap response to Shareski.


  3. A video on design and they miss a basic video concept…..
    Three point lighting.

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