Reality of the File Swapping, Wireless iPod

There have been interesting articles lately which demonstrate how the iPod can be transformed from personal music hardware into a social, file-sharing device. For instance, last June, engadget described the steps necessary to “Make your own Pirate Radio Station with an iPod“. The article provided information on significantly increasing the range of an iTrip mini (FM transmitter) to allow for the broadcast of music to local FM devices.

Now, The Register reports the availability of software which can help transform the iPod into a P2P file-sharing device. To do this, a user needs a Pocket PC (or PC), an iPod and the program from Simedia, and this “enables you to publish your iPod playlists and have anyone in the area listen to previews or download tracks wirelessly from those playlists.” The program allows for streaming or file transfer abilities.

This is interesting as the concept of this file-sharing, wireless “BluePod” was mentioned almost two years ago in another Register article, and now, it looks like it has become reality.