Big Party – The Interview

There was some news this week about the “Australian kid” that threw a big party (500 people) at his parents house while they were out of town. The fallout from the party resulted in a lot of damage to neighboring vehicles and homes. Here is a video of the boy’s first television interview.

Funny Kid Isnt Sorry About Huge Party – Watch more free videos

This is interesting to me, not so much in the sense that the kid has little regret about the incident, but more so in the way the news host attempts to discipline and force the child to take off his glasses and apologize. It felt familiar. I have witnessed this before in the disciplinary approaches of many teachers and administrators, and almost always, it has a similar result.

Seem famliar to you?

7 thoughts on “Big Party – The Interview

  1. This has been big news here in Melbourne where I live – bit of a shame for the kid that there haven’t been any ‘big’ news stories to distract our media from his indiscretion, although he does seem to be enjoying the noteriety. A friend of mine actually taught him – we’ve just been discussing this on our local beach (beautiful warm weather here in Melbourne at the moment).

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  3. Alec,
    I heard about this story on the radio this morning; thanks for the quick find of the vid. Things start going south when she begins to get on his case about his glasses, physical appearance, and attitude. This is the wrong approach and is indicative of person who is realizing that she is clearly not going to be able to come to terms with the boy and arrive at a sincere apology. The funny thing is that he is quick to pick up on her increasing anger and tries to use humour to further annoy her. You’re right, Alec: this type of exchange occurs all too often in our schools. Why have some not learned that this is a poor strategy?

    This kid will be made famous over the next couple weeks. I suspect a couple talk show appearances are being booked as we speak.


  4. Any experienced educator knows when you are trying to reason with a student the very LAST thing you do is provide an audience. That is a lose-lose situation.

  5. You’ll be pleased to know we’ve had a bit of rain and overcast skies, but fining up tomorrow and 30 degrees celsius by the end of the week. It is nice to live in Melbourne! :)

  6. It has been interesting to watch the Australian media really fuel this thing up and make Corey a highly visible public figure. And of course, Australians love to cut their “tall poppies” down and so someone has felt that he is fair game for a notorious website. That opens up a whole new discussion where he utilised technology to gain notoriety and now technology is being used to publicly vilify him.

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