How Creativity Is Strangled By The Law

This is a brilliant TED Talk from Larry Lessig on copyright, creativity and the law.

For some of you, the content will be familiar, but I especially appreciate how he ends his session. If you have 20 minutes available to you, this is well worth the time.

4 thoughts on “How Creativity Is Strangled By The Law

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  3. This is good food for thought. As teachers and parents we need to embrace our kids in technology, we should not push them “under ground”. Our kids are the culture in making and we need to guide them – not letting them loose in a jungle of predators or try force them into our own comfort zone. They need to find their own comfort zone and we (parents and teachers) should be part of that. If we are careful and well informed guiders we can be part of the future culture and not being left outside as the enemy.

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