I Think I Made A Difference … At Least A Little Bit

My undergraduate students are starting to blog. In the first month, I suggested that they just blog about anything on their mind, their weekend, their family, anything … just to get into the flow of it, and learn the tool itself. Starting this month (October), we will focus on the edublogger community so many of you may see new fans out there. I’m sending them to your blogs.

Today I noticed a nice post from my student, Lacey. An excerpt:

Well it’s been a month of classes already. It is really hard to believe that the semester is going so fast. I am really enjoying the ECMP 355 class. It might have been last class but I completely agree with what Alec had said to the point that if we as teachers use computers everyday in our life that we will be more comfortable, and more likely to use technology in our classroom. I have found that in this month with all of the tools and programs that we have used I am starting to feel more at ease with them each day and even found myself exploring them on my own at home.

Now that I have grown slightly in my computer literacy I am starting to focus on my future classroom and am constantly building ideas that can help me become a better teacher. I now look at websites or programs in a way that I ask myself, “how could I use this in my classroom?” or “I wonder what i would like my students to work with?”. I can’t wait to start using and building my technological classroom.

One of the big things I have been pushing in my class is clearly described in this post. I believe that once teachers become familiar with the tools in their everyday life that they can then start thinking about using these tools as educational tools. I think I’ve got a winner here, and I hope the transformation is lasting for this student as she goes through the program and eventually finds her own classroom.