Prison Thriller And The Need For Media Literacy

A while back I noticed the “Prison Thriller” video and didn’t think much of it as I just skimmed over it as one of the several unconventional dance videos (e.g., Wedding Thriller) that have appeared on Youtube as of late. I guess with so much media available to us, it’s often difficult to stop and think about the relevance of or story behind each particular piece.

Thanks to “Dangerously Irrelevant”, an alternate story appears regarding the conditions behind scene. Take a look at this alternate view.

I agree with Scott as he writes, “The truth is somewhere in all of this, although as an outsider I can hardly presume to know what it is. But this much is certain: these two videos certainly highlight yet again the importance of media and information literacy.”

And as a commenter replies, “Hmmm, ~ 5 million views for the original vs. ~40 thousand for the rebuttal. We really need to equalize this, least it become a commentary on our own entertainment tastes.”

Sad as this appears, this is an important story and I’ll certainly use this where appropriate in any upcoming media literacy workshops.

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2 thoughts on “Prison Thriller And The Need For Media Literacy

  1. It’s a powerful resource for teaching media literacy, that’s for sure. Thanks for sharing it! It could inspire a lot of students to become curious and want to learn more. And it certainly invites discussion about the way in which consumer culture detaches imagery from context and, in the process, distorts meaning.

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