Six Degrees of Aunt Jackie

Some of the most powerful demonstrations of how democratic media influence culture can be found on Youtube. The most recent example is evident in the Aunt Jackie beautifully described in this Slate article.

About six months ago, a Harlem-based record producer and rapper, Jason Fox, uploaded a video for a song called “Aunt Jackie” to his MySpace page. It’s a terrifically catchy track, with stabbing synthesizer crescendos and the sort of click-clacking drum machine beat scientifically proved to induce an early-’80s nostalgia trip….

As the months have passed and the YouTube views have piled up, it’s become clear that the “Aunt Jackie” phenomenon is only peripherally about “Aunt Jackie” the song. It’s really about “Aunt Jackie” the dance….

Tap the words “Aunt Jackie” into the search field on YouTube and you can see dozens (hundreds? thousands?) of young dancers, strutting their moves for the camera.

Original: (language warning)

Find many remakes here.

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