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I was just notified of a somewhat controversial email tracking service from (thanks George). The service allows the sender of an email to gather once difficult-to-collect information regarding if and when the email message was opened. With, email messages are invisibly tracked, and once the email is opened, the sender is instantly notified with information related to the handling of the message.

USA Today reported on the launch on the website last May/04, and in interviews with staff, and prospective users, the media outlet reported the possible reaction of users. Comments included: “It will freak people out”, “It violates our electronic space in a way that’s as uncomfortable as someone violating our physical space”, “Add this company ( to the long list of people who are making the Internet a less attractive place to live and work” and “It can be used inappropriately, but our intentions are good”.

The cost of the service varies according to how much one uses it, and there is a free trial available to the curious. If you ever think you might be on the back-end of this service, it’s worth knowing what others can learn about that email message you’ve been sitting on for the past couple of weeks. :-)

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