Apartheid Starts Here


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I admire social activism, and it’s a wonderful thing to see an example of it in this city.

This sign which reads “Apartheid Starts Here” was placed on the train overpass at Saskatchewan Drive on the way to North Central Regina. The location is significant as the entrance to inner city Regina. Obviously, the sign is to make more apparent the functional and economic apartheid in our city. This is especially timely as National Aboriginal Day was yesterday and the National Day of Action is coming up June 29, 2007.

I wonder how long this will stay up. Please, spread the word.

See location of sign on Google Maps.

One thought on “Apartheid Starts Here

  1. I saw this as well. It lasted for about a week and I’m quite happy it did. I was able to have some really interesting conversations about why things are the way they are now – and some musings on what life would be like around that sign if the Superstore had stayed open.

    Perhaps I’m running with a different circle now but it really seems like the consciousness in Regina is turning towards a more socially just mindset.


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