The Show With Ze Frank Last Episode This Week

I’ve posted about The Show several times in the past year. It appears, “as Ze promised, ke’s keeping hte show to a one-year run, which expires on the 17th.”

The Show appears to have had a huge, and diverse fan base. It has featured some really interesting, engaging projects/hooks such as:
Fabuloso Chess (Ze playing chess against the Sports Racers” (viewers),
Remixes for Ray (creating remixes, album covers, video, from a short .mp3 from a once anonymous viewer named Ray)
The Earth Sandwich Project (connecting with others around the world to create an earth sandwich – bread on opposite sides of the globe)

The content of the Ze Frank show was not always educationally appropriate. However, the innovative format and hooks provided helped me to understand how a wide, diverse audience could be brought together around some common themes, and were able to engage and identify in the content and the community. I’ll miss The Show, and I’m not alone.