– Alternative Approach to Spam describes itself as “the fastest growing anti-spam movement in the world.” From the information I gathered from the website, it seems that the free service is compiling a “do not email list” which it plans to deliver to the major North American spam producers. It seems, by US law, that once delivered, the spam houses have the legal obligation to remove all of the addresses from their spam lists. In other words, the goal of the service is to stop spam through legal methods, rather than attempt what everyone else is failing at … blocking spam.

It’s an interesting premise, although I have becomes so skeptical of the web, that I am almost reluctant of signing up in fear of getting on another spam list. However, I think I am going to give this service my faith … and see what happens.

In a similar frame of thought, I have noticed recently that there are other emerging services which may be helpful in the fight against spam. Services such as, and offer temporary email accounts which last long enough for site/service registration, and often forward any registration-related email to your real email account. If spam is an issue for you, these services are certainly worth checking out.