Help With RSS Feed Splicing?

Can anyone out there offer some advice? (boy I’m needy lately)

My undergraduate students are blogging, and while I am getting them all to use a Bloglines account to track each other, I thought it would also be nice to have one html page that would track all of the feeds.

I thought Suprglu might do the job, although I quickly realized I couldn’t upload an OPML file to the service and had to add each of about 40 feeds one-by-one.

So, without any other option that I could find, I went through the process of trying to add these feeds to a Suprglu account. I soon realized after adding only 11 feeds that Suprglu has a limit on the number you can add. I couldn’t add anymore than 11.

So … any ideas out there? Is there any simple way of getting all of these feeds onto a central page?

Update: Thanks for all of the great ideas and support everyone. We ended up using Stephen’s MyGlu script. Here is the result:

8 thoughts on “Help With RSS Feed Splicing?

  1. I was thinking that Heather … but then thought against it as I’d have to do this for every section of every course I teach. It won’t be very sustainable in the future. Or I guess I could just reuse the bloglines account. I still don’t really like how it looks as well.

    And, Dan … I’ll try it out and see how it works. And yes, I’ll get back to you on the other thing … life has been busy obviously.

  2. Hi Alec,
    I have an alternative for aggregating blogposts in a blog.
    Named Pile-blog and aggregating using the RSS/Atom feed of a set of blogs.
    Demos running (french only) can be found in different formats : – signaling posts (compact) or reproducing them entirely if marked for (in extenso)
    nvpile.wordpress – small excerpts of the description of the posts, plus Technorati tagging – summaries of n blogs in a single post every 6 hours, with tagging – buttons for personal aggregation (bloglines, import fiels to local aggregator etc) or tagging (
    The format could be adjusted to your needs.
    If you think that this could be of interest of you, e-mail me and we will set up a prototype.

  3. Google Reader will let you share a list of feeds. Click “share” and you can select which categories of feeds you want to share. I don’t have any that I read with it that are handy to share.

    Another way to accomplish this is use a CMS that knows how to read RSS. Both Moodle and Drupal can support RSS blocks. That’s how I read this blog–it’s linked on my web site (which presumably will be linked here since I put it in the form above).

  4. Thanks everyone for the help. I’ve been playing around, and I think I am going to try MyGlu so that I can have some control over the process and code. I’ve been playing around with just about everyone’s suggestions … and think that may be the best bet.

    Thanks again … it’s always great to see so much help from the blogging community!


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