6 thoughts on “Evolution of Dance

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  2. Thanks for the link. However, on that link it says –

    “As of 4/28/06, youtube has made a few chagnes that prevent the Greasekmonkey solution below from working. But keepvid.com updated their joint to work with the new youtube pages, so for the moment you can download through there..”

    So I go there (keepvid.com) and it appears to be a site that requires me to input the site I want to download from. So I assume I need the URL of the video…?

  3. I was able to download the file (dMH0bHeiRNg.flv) but can’t play it. VLC won’t open it nor will any other free program I’ve tried including swfplayer and gnash. There doesn’t seem to exist any free .flv converter either.

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