Google Calendar Launched

This week has been rough on me in terms of technology. My domain went down this week, apparently because an old Moveable Type cgi script had been spammed to death, and took down my host’s server. The same day, my PowerBook’s harddrive blew up, and I’ve lost my most recent email and my iCal schedule. While this could have been tramautic, luckily I sent the most recent version of my dissertation to my Gmail account literally minutes before my hard drive failed.

Since I’m out of a scheduler for now, I checked out Google’s new calendar service, and so far I like what I see. You can import iCal files (or other format’s I assume), and the best part is that you can share your calendar with others. This would be great for small groups, families, or groups of students who don’t have access to corporate solutions like OpenTime, etc.

Anyways, check out the latest service in Google’s entourage. If you are not overly concerned that this company will soon have access to everything you produce (email, blogs, calendars, file storage, contacts, etc.), then you’ll likely find it quite useful.

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