3 thoughts on “Only On Fox

  1. “Stay tuned to CNN for a discussion of these topics:
    Is war really peace?
    Is freedom a form of slavery?
    Is America’s ignorance its greatest strength?”

    Did the Bush administration, and their propaganda wing also known as CNN, read a copy of 1984 and mistakenly think that it was an instruction manual?

  2. Well actually it was from FOX. But I certainly wouldn’t want to defend CNN – it is almost as insane a network. Also, I saw this over at Crooks and Liars but I’m not sure where it originated. I’m curious as I don’t have a TV and just picked this frame up off the net. Is it authentic? I don’t know. But given FOX’s history, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is true. But just to be on the safe side, I’m letting you know I can’t confirm it – I suppose it could be a hoax. If anyone who actually saw can confirm it, I’d appreciate it.

    And to pick up on Rob’s 1984 reference –

    A technique used in order to get people to buy into propaganda is to frame ideas in pairs of opposites. Freedom/slavery, war/peace, etc. But good – obviously – is not the opposite of evil. It is only the opposite when it is a crystallized idea, and not a vibrant, active, living thing. To get one to believe that good or freedom are mere ideas and are simply opposites of other ideas is an extraordinary propaganda technique. This is how “Dub-ya” keeps framing the ‘war on terror’ – good versus evil! But evil obviously has no direct relationship with good.

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