Vienna RSS/Atom Reader For Mac OS X

I just downloaded Vienna 2.0 and threw in my feeds over from Shrook. Vienna is open source/freeware, has a nice clean user interface and seems much snappier and responsive than my usual reader. Although, the speed may have something to do with it not being able to handle file attachments within the reader. This is a bit of a downfall for the moment. So far, Vienna seems pretty good, but not overly impressive.

2 thoughts on “Vienna RSS/Atom Reader For Mac OS X

  1. Personally, I think Vienna is perfect for me as a NetNewsWire Light user, who doesn’t want to fork out on NNW Full…

    The big problem for me, tough, is that some of my feeds simply doesn’t work! (ARRGH!!) Also, I think I might put Wolfgang’s NNW-icons on Vienna – because the original is actually quite… well… crap… (Sorry, mr. designer…)

  2. I have found the only downfall with Vienna is that the feeds are not automatically updated. Many of the downfalls you can get around by writing simple Applescripts. I have not had any issues with attachments but I would suggest that you change your RSS style sheet and check out the different looks and feels that are available. Some work arounds might handle attachments. Check out the download page for your fix.
    Vienna rocks – I have several hundred feeds and I am able to monitor them with very little effort.

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