Songbird: iTunes Alternative?

I just noticed Songbird, what seems to be an iTunes like media player in development with the first preview release forecasted for this December. Songbird is being developed on Mozilla’s XULRunner package so I’m thinking that this may be a free/open source package, however, I dont’ see anything on the Songbird website that confirms this.

Of course, even if it is iTunes like, will it be able to sync. my iPod(s). I’m doubting this, but I’d be very happy to have an open alternative to iTunes. I’ll keep an eye on this, but I’m not getting my hopes up yet.

5 thoughts on “Songbird: iTunes Alternative?

  1. I have just been looking through the Songbirdnest pre release website and it says that they are including the code that the ml_ipod winamp pluginused so that you will be able to use it with your ipod! I just hope its more stable than the ml_ipod plugin.

  2. I like iTunes, i really do, but the damn thing skips all the time for no apparent reason. Just downloaded the songbird 0.2 developer preview, and so far am very impressed. Will definitely consider a switch.

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