CAGW’s Criticism Of Massachusetts’s Open Standard Move

Leon Brooks has put together a great post as he criticizes the Microsoft Funded CAGW’s (Citizens Against Government Waste) objection to Massachusetts’s recent decision to move to embrace open standards in government starting in 2007. Here are few gems from the post:

Will private enterprise and “average citizens” face compatibility issues? Only if Microsoft make it so.

Since the OASIS document standard is accessible to zero-sticker-shock cross-platform software, the average citizen will have greater access to documents than ever before.

Will adopting Open Source undermine free market competition?
No. Very much the opposite. For the first time in several years, there will again be real competition in the office software market. Companies will be able to compete for profit on merit rather than profiteering through domination.

If you are interested in this area, it’s a good read and a well-voiced criticism.

2 thoughts on “CAGW’s Criticism Of Massachusetts’s Open Standard Move

  1. Great story. Thanks for posting it.

    Besides what Leon posted, here is the letter written by Tom Schatz (CAGW president) to governor Mitt Romney. In it is more misleading information.

    I was thinking to myself – “I hope Romney is smart enough to do some research and see that what the CAGW is arguing for is complete balderdash”. I then found out that Romney is one who thinks wiretapping mosques is a good idea for homeland security. Hmm, methinks ‘reason’ is not on the agenda of either of these two individuals.

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