Software Freedom Day: How Can You Help?

This is a reminder about an important upcoming event on September 10/05, and a request to my readers, especially those who are teachers or professors.

Software Freedom Day is a global, grassroots effort to educate the public about the virtues and availability of Free and Open Source Software. Over 200 teams are registered so far, and they have plans to celebrate Free Software at schools, universities, parks, and many other public places.

Although SFD is on Saturday, it would be wonderful if more educators were to promote this event through classroom discussion (anytime). The SFD website lists many examples of what institutions and individuals are doing to promote free software in their own communities.

While, I’ve always had issues with one-day events (e.g., how effective is Buy Nothing Day?), I certainly think that this can at least help those who have little or no knowledge regarding free and open source software to take another look at the tools they use, and what alternatives are available.