Highly Recommended By Owner

I discovered this interesting sign promoting a local Regina restaurant. While I have nothing against the restaurant (in fact it’s rather good), I guess in the technology world, this might be similar to believing a Microsoft Total Cost of Ownership report. Yea, more than slightly biased.

4 thoughts on “Highly Recommended By Owner

  1. Ha ha I was woundering if anyone else thought this was odd…I live a block away from here and I thought this was ridicoulous!
    Have a great summer Alec!

  2. What about the total cost of setting up a cart load of crummy slow iBooks ONE AT A TIME?

  3. Hee hee hee!
    That is a great sign. I have my doubts as to whether more people will eat at Plum Garden now or not, but that is so silly it is great.

  4. I think something was definitely lost in translation there.

    Speaking of such topics, have any good resources for integrating technology into ESL learning? I happen to have a girl from China in my class..what are the chances? I can speak Chinese with her but she really needs some help with her English. I just have one computer in my classroom but it could really come in handy while I am teaching topics she can’t yet follow.

    Any ideas?

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