Educating The Net Generation: New EduCause eBook

This may have been out for a little bit, but if so, I hadn’t noticed it. Educating the Net Generation looks like a good, freely downloadable book that may be worth looking at if you are interested in better understanding the “Net Generation”. It looks like there might be a lot of terrific content.

On that note, I’d also love a book explaining the naming of this generation as I am quite sure is also termed Generation Y, Generation Why, the Millennial Generation, the Always On Generation and the Digital Natives. No wonder we don’t understand them … we spend more time on coining “cool” yet generalizable terminology than we may actually spend on trying to understand their unique circumstances, challenges, beliefs and online/offline activities. :-)

Update: Nate Lowell did an excellent commentary on this EduCause release back in March. I must have missed it, but I am sure glad it was brought to my attention. If you missed it, check out the post titled Double Duh!.

3 thoughts on “Educating The Net Generation: New EduCause eBook

  1. I’ve wondered if one of the reasons that there are such a preponderance of names for the net generation, for lack of a better term, is that we’re trying to encapsulate an extremely heterogeneous group into one single category. I’ve met many from this generation who are extremely net saavy, but I’ve also met many who are undoubtedly 12 o’clock flashers (referring to their VCR clocks, not any social maladjustments they might have). I felt the same way about the generalization of Generation X as depicted in Douglas Coupland’s book. Categories can be useful, but in this case I think it is over-stated.

  2. I read this piece in March and it made me nuts! Alec is right there IS a lot of information here, but what’s not said — and the way that this is being presented — really frosted my pumpkin.

    My post was titled Double Duh!

  3. That’s a terrific post (re: Double Duh!) Nate. I’m sorry I missed, and now so happy to be caught up that one. Your points are very well taken. I especially appreciate your comparing the classroom to “a slum” and you insight into the publication/innovation cycle. A great read!

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