YubNub: “Command Line” Social Search Engine

Ok, so back in the day I used to be a command-line geek. These days, I don’t use the interface nearly as much. However, today I noticed YubNub (via BoingBoing), a service which touts itself as a social command line for the web.

Using YubNub to search with other services, or through other websites is quite easy once youv’e figured out a few of the shortcuts. For instance, to search for the term “command line” in Wikipedia through YubNub, simply query “wp command line”. Many major search engines and websites are included, and a list of other commands is found here.

I am not 100% sure about the “social” aspects of YubNub, but I assume it’s because it reports a short list of recent searches. I am sure there are possibilities here in incorporating del.icio.us or Spurl-like qualities.

While I think you can get similar functionality through browser plugins such as Sogudi (Mac only), YubNub is quitepromising and may even prompt me to finally change my browser start page. Or, it looks like there is already a bunch of other options in using YubNub, and the list seems to be growing. Lots of fun ahead.