The Pleasure of Wireless Computing …

Being wireless while attending the RTCOC conference today was, for lack of better words, super-cool. As presenters referenced resources, I was already at the sites. In another window, I was blogging away as to keep a semi-permanent record of some key points. It was truly multi-tasking at its best.

OK, so I’m hooked, as I suppose many others are. And along these lines, I was very interested to see this post from slashdot regarding Free-Fi’s advertising based wireless service. Basically, existing wireless vendor’s can sign up with FreeFi to make money through advertising on their wireless service. Where wireless hotspots are being made available (pay or otherwise), FreeFi allows vendors to gain revenue on visible ads. It’s an interesting turn, and I have a feeling, this type of thing is going to catch on. On the upside, this may mean more vendors can afford to offer wireless service. On the downside, we may just lost 20% of our relevant screen-size during this browsing experience.

Hmmm … I wonder what happens if I just VNC into my home computer. I might miss the advertising altogether. :-)