Ineen? Where have you been?

Back in April, I read a review of Ineen, a cross-platform, videoconferencing-enabled,open source, standards-compliant software package. Well the review was pretty good (only a few cons), but look at those buzz-words (“open source”, “standards-compliant”, etc.). So what happened to Ineen since this review?

The specs look great … it looks like it handles audio conferencing, distributing conferencing, video-conferencing (4 people at a time) and built-in call recording. This, spec-wise, certainly seems to beat Skype, although, yes, the approach is different.

So has anyone tried this? I’ve just installed it, and would love to try this out with someone. Anyone out there? Anyone? Anyone?

Update: Matthew informs me that this product is not open source at all. And looking at the EULA, it’s far from it. The Robin Good article claims I can’t find any mention of this product being open source on the Ineen site.

2 thoughts on “Ineen? Where have you been?

  1. Thanks for the alert Matthew. I just with what I read on the Robin Good review. You’re absolutely right!

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