Facebook Is Still Broken …

I received this email a few minutes ago (and a few hours after I noticed that my Facebook account was down).


For the fourth time, Facebook has disabled my account because the company doesn’t believe I am who I say I am.

Yes, apparently I’m the one with the fake account.

Not “Obrien Gary Neil” or “Michael Walter” or “Nelson Colbert” or “Trofimov Sergei” or “Anne Landman” or “Dounas Mounir” or “Kyle W. Norman” or one of the hundreds of other fake accounts that I have reported to Facebook for using my images to scam vulnerable women across the globe. No. Once again, Facebook has decided to disable my account for using a fake name.

Despite the fact that I’ve already had to submit my government-issued ID to Facebook in each previous case.

Despite the fact that my account is nearly a decade old and linked to 2000+ Facebook friends.

Despite the fact that I’ve had countless media interviews about the problem.

If it can happen to me, it could certainly happen to you.

I’m starting to feel like a broken record, but I really need your help. Please share so that we can get Facebook’s attention. The reporting system is badly flawed, and as I’ve written previously, Facebook really needs to get it fixed.

4 thoughts on “Facebook Is Still Broken …

  1. Hi Alec,

    Or as I have FONDLY got to know you as Allen Mernard, residing in Cape Town South Africa. You don’t know this, but you own a Company called http://www.mernardscontracting.com. Congratulations, you are now into Road and Railway Structural Engineering. Wow, and you did not even have to Study (lucky you). You are also registered on Linkedin South Africa. Actually, at the moment, I feel a complete fool, as I always thought I was relatively intelligent, but current events have disproved this! The irony, my gut was shouting, but I just really fell in love …….. So Dumb!

    The upside, at least I know I have been scammed! The scammer does not know, that I know! The question is what to do from now?


  2. Hi Alec,

    Apologies, just wanted to add, that the mobile no. I am currently being scammed on is +27 South Africa 074 029-7802 and the Gentleman (can’t believe I am calling him this) that the cellphone is registered to is Freddy Ngwa or Ngebi. I have paid over some of my hard earned cash (gulp!!!) , to an active bank account in South Africa. I have notified my bankers, but, I seriously doubt is monies will be returned. Tomorrow, I will lay a criminal charge, not sure if this go anywhere, as our Policing is not very proactive.

    Not sure if any of this aids you? But, I hope it does!


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