Getting Around International Content Restrictions

I was asked by Rachael Bath about how I get around international content restrictions (i.e., location-based content blocking). There are two tools that I typically use. First, I pay about $70/year for a full-featured VPN service called Witopia that allows me to get around content restrictions, as well as providing me with other privacy and security features. Second, for basic location spoofing, I use a great little Chrome extension called Hola. It’s free, works really well, and will do the trick for those looking to access services like Pandora, Hulu, Spotify, etc. where they are not available, or to get better or alternate programming from sites like Netflix (you can access Netflix UK, or US, for instance).

I’ve put together a short video to show you how it works. Hopefully this is helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions.

5 thoughts on “Getting Around International Content Restrictions

  1. Thanks Alec this is just what I was after. I am going with the free chrome plug in at the moment but I now know how to get to the paid version also if needed. :-)

  2. I created a wordpress blog to help international students getting free resources or information regarding study in Australia, but when i checked the statistics the other day, i realise that the viewers are mainly from western countries, until one day when i asked on chinese twitter the reason, one follower told me in private message that they cannot access wordpress blog… So in this circumstances, what tips would you offer these people who are banned from the access?

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