Cyber Stalking, Abusive Cyber Sex and Online Grooming

Those who are interested in the online habits of teens, and in particular, the issue of online safety should take a look at the newly released article, “Cyber Stalking, Abusive Cyber Sex and Online Grooming” from the University of Central Lancashire. While the article covers various aspects of teen online behaviour that could comprise the safety of these youth, blogging activities, and in particular mobile blogging (moblogging, were implicated as being especially problematic. In fact, a recent BBC article focusing on the content of the report went as far as to write, “Online journals and camera phones are a paedophiles’ dream which have increased the risk to children.”

The article is worth a read if this topic is of interest. Find it at:

One thought on “Cyber Stalking, Abusive Cyber Sex and Online Grooming

  1. It’s true that cyber sex and other forms of abuses are very rampant in the web. This problem needs to be addressed since a lot of people are using the internet to chat and meet with other people. We cannot prevent them of course from engaging into web chats beacause the chatroom is also a good place to meet with our friends or get to know other people. Nevertheless education with regard to the use of the internet should be given especially to the teenagers who are affected by this poblem. Since a lot of people are enticed by cyber sex, some are even thinking of the possibility of developing virtual sex in the future. I wonder how they will create this, but with the rapid evolution of technology, we cannot tell…

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