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A short while back, I blogged a short post on Yahoo! Video Search. Now it seems Google has released Google Video (Beta). Looks like it will be impressive as Google eventually plans to organize the “thousands of programs that play on our TV’s everyday”. However … at this point, it doesn’t seem to actually have any active video.

Anyways, I do look forward to seeing this up and running.

Check it out:

3 thoughts on “Google Video Search

  1. does this mean we will actually be able to watch tv on our computers? wow…taht would be amazing. I’v heard that this is possible, but i am unsure of what website to go to. If there was some way that we could choose a series and then an episode, that would be awesome. No more specific times for tv!


  2. check out they are already doing it and have been since dec. they are leaps and bounds ahead of google right now, seeing as though they actaully show videos! googles transcription is also so poor you can barely understand it

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