The Great Playlist Meme ’04: Yet Another Playlist

I’m taking my cue from D’Arcy Norman who just introduced me to The Great Playlist Meme ’04. You can check out the details at D’Arcy’s blog, At the time of this of this writing, here are the next 10 songs on my digital music player as selected by my random shuffler … no embarrassing tunes excluded. This could be scary!

1) Slow Burning Fire: The Skydiggers (not a bad place to start)

2) Don’t Walk on Past: Blue Peter (ahhh the 80’s)

3) Gansta Gangsta: NWA (WOW, is that really on my list?)

4) Arm Yourself – Filmmaker (good Saskatchewan band … unfortunately now dismantled)

5) Tennessee Flat Top Box – Johnny Cash (R.I.P Johnny)

6) Cool It Now – New Edition (uhhhh … my brother must have downloaded that one … yikes)

7) Say It Ain’t So – Weezer (much cooler than the last one)

8) Scared – The Tragically Hip (now we’re getting somewhere)

9) Just Can’t Get Enough – Depeche Mode (80’s classic turned Gap marketing ploy)

10) 323 – Chixdiggit (Calgary punk band, which coincidentally brings this post back to D’Arcy)

Well I guess that wasn’t too bad.

If you are interested in another similar playlist type game, check out the A-Z Song Game … another interesting one I saw a short while ago.

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