CBC Sask on Twitter

Jordan (a former student of mine) and I were briefly interviewed for a short CBC piece about Twitter. It is interesting to see the increased interest in the service by mainstream media, especially in the past several months.

Additionally, here’s an older piece from the CBC (March 2002) that discussed the implementation of highspeed Internet in every Saskatchewan school (was quite a big deal at the time). While there is a shared focus in the two pieces around connectivity, there is certainly a shift in what this means. In 2002, the focus here was in retrieving content/information. Now, the focus is much more on establishing human connections and social interactivity.

2 thoughts on “CBC Sask on Twitter

  1. Nice little piece. I agree with what you said about going to conferences. I used to hate walking in and feeling like an island. Now, I walk in and have a pretty good chance of knowing one if not more people. I really appreciate extending those virtual relationships into face to face contacts.

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