Join the Youtube Symphony Orchestra

An exciting new Youtube music project has been announced. Tan Dun, the legendary classical composer, wrote a piece specifically for this project that asks you to download the available sheet music, practice your piece, and submit your completed piece to Youtube. I imagine this could be very motivating for young musicians, and for me, something like this would have likely kept me interested in music (rather than kicking myself years later). Take a look for yourself.

Play your part in music history and join the YouTube Symphony Orchestra. You just need to upload two videos: your contribution to the Tan Dun piece and a general audition video. Good luck!

5 thoughts on “Join the Youtube Symphony Orchestra

  1. Joleen and I looked at this yesterday. The project is very cool. The youtube channel has links to sheet music for each instrument, from cello to piccolo, as well as the video of the conductor for each part and lessons from the established musicians of the London Symphony Orchestra. The complexity of this project is extreme. I am interested in following along as amateurs become involved. I bet we will see many folks try out. How many master musicians will be discovered and have a platform to shine?

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