Streaming from the iPhone w/ Qik

I have been playing with Qik for the last couple of weeks. Qik is a service that allows you to stream video from your mobile phone. It has been released officially for the Blackberry, but has not yet been authorized for the iPhone. Thus, to use it on the iPhone, you need to jailbreak your phone.

Qik - University of Regina Tour

Today, I took a short tour of my campus green while I streamed video from my iPhone. The video is automatically recorded, so if you are interested in seeing the results, click here. You will notice that I seem like I am talking to myself, but I am actually responding to the text chat that is superimposed over the video on the iPhone. Viewers reported good results, although several complained that they had to continue to hit refresh to see the live video.

So, minus the lack of content and mumbling, what do you think of the quality of video and audio? More importantly, what are some possible implications or educational uses for video from a mobile device?

2 thoughts on “Streaming from the iPhone w/ Qik

  1. Our 6th grade is going on a field trip in a week to the Phoenix Zoo. I think I’ll test qik out some more there and save the files so we can watch them in class. One of our 6th grade science standards is to keep a record of observations, notes, etc. using paper or technology driven tools, so I should at least practice what we’re working on.

    I streamed some stuff using qik at the Monday Night Football game this week, but ended up deleting all of them because you couldn’t really hear anything but screaming and yelling, and I wasn’t as steady with the camera as I thought I was.

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