RadioHead Video Message on Human Trafficking

I already love Radiohead for their music and for their approach to distributing their most recent productions. And now, I just noticed their powerful new music video that helps to bring awareness of the issues around human trafficking and child exploitation. Watch the whole thing, it is very well done.

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  • Diane Hammond

    Very powerful video! In the late 1990′s I had the honour of working with the Jr. Summit Project out of MIT’s Media Lab. I worked online with students from around the world tackling major problems, child labour being one of them. From the online group, students were chosen to meet F2F at the Media Lab in Boston to present their solutions to leaders from government, business and academia. Among those students were child labourers from Nepal. It was a life changing experience for me to hear those students tell their stories!

  • Cable Green

    Nicely done, Radiohead. They are one small part of the recording industry that is taking advantage of opening up business models in the midst of massive social change. Read Wikinomics anyone?

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  • Dan Meyer

    Scooped me on this one, Alec, but anyway, yeah, amazing video. Oughtta be required viewing for any media literacy course. Essentially, this is how to write a visual essay.

  • Alec Couros

    Couldn’t agree more, Dan. This is a wonderful example of the visual essay, and I just viewed this with my undergrads and we discussed it from that perspective.

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