Public Knowledge Project Conference

Old friend Peter Arthur sent this information my way. Thanks Peter. So where’s your blog? :-)

The Public Knowledge Project is pleased to announce that the first international PKP conference will be held from July 11–13, 2007 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The conference will provide opportunities for those involved in the organiztion, promotion, and study of scholarly communication to share and discuss innovative work in scholarly publishing, with a focus on the contribution that open source publishing technologies can make to improving access to research and scholarship on a global and public scale.

The conference will appeal to all segments of the PKP community: software developers and technical support specialists; journal publishers, editors, and staff; librarians; and researchers in scholarly publishing. As well, prospective and first time users of OJS and other PKP software will be able to learn more about the systems and establish contacts with the PKP community. All attendees will be able to attend a range of topical sessions on trends in scholarly communication and publishing, open access initiatives, open source software, academic and library communities, and future plans for OJS, OCS, and the Open Archives Harvester.

Call for Papers

This looks excellent for anyone interested in the institutional and global sharing, collaboration and development of open knowledge. See you there!

Media Education Week, Nov. 19-26, 06

I had MuchMusic playing as my background noise this morning when I overheard a Media Education type promo on the station. After a bit of searching, I was led to Much Music’s Media Education program. I’ve never noticed this before and it looks like a good resource, complete with student study guides (although I have yet to figure out where to get the corresponding programs).

I next noticed that CHUM TV (Much Music’s parent company) is sponsoring National Media Education Week this coming November 19-26, 2006. Here’s the overview of the week, and how to get involved.

Also of note, two other sites launched to support National Media Education Week:

1) Talk Media, is a new media literacy blog on MNet’s award winning Web site . The blog will be a source of commentary and dialogue on the latest media news, trends and resources.

2) Media Education: Make It Happen! program is a series of free downloadable resources to help educators understand and facilitate media literacy in their classrooms. The program consists of a booklet, PowerPoint workshop, and a facilitator’s guide with handouts.

Lots of stuff to explore. Let’s all take Media Education seriously this November, and always.

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