Ze Frank On Choice

I’m loving the Ze Frank Show. I’ve watched the show since the beginning, and if you are not a subscriber, you really need to be. Although the content is not directly related to my field (ed. tech.), the format and delivery is exceptional. It’s given me at least 1000 ideas related to pedagogy, distance education and social networks. And Ze is hilarious.

Yesterday’s episode regarding happiness and choice gave me something to think about. I thought I would share it.

Note: If you become a regular viewer, you may have to go back into the archives and watch previous episodes to get a lot of the inside jokes. Still, I’d say it’s worth the time.

Help With RSS Feed Splicing?

Can anyone out there offer some advice? (boy I’m needy lately)

My undergraduate students are blogging, and while I am getting them all to use a Bloglines account to track each other, I thought it would also be nice to have one html page that would track all of the feeds.

I thought Suprglu might do the job, although I quickly realized I couldn’t upload an OPML file to the service and had to add each of about 40 feeds one-by-one.

So, without any other option that I could find, I went through the process of trying to add these feeds to a Suprglu account. I soon realized after adding only 11 feeds that Suprglu has a limit on the number you can add. I couldn’t add anymore than 11.

So … any ideas out there? Is there any simple way of getting all of these feeds onto a central page?

Update: Thanks for all of the great ideas and support everyone. We ended up using Stephen’s MyGlu script. Here is the result:

Here’s A Challenge

Say you were teaching an undergraduate course focused on the integration of technology in the classroom, and you wanted to expose students to THE key literature in the field regarding emerging trends in the field. And, I’m not meaning a dry journal article somewhere … but something new, that motivates, that disrupts … that can demonstrate the potential of new, social technologies on education.

Allright … I admit it … I’m teaching the course in question, and I’m looking for some good ideas.

What would you have them read? What’s most important to you?

I’d love to hear from you out there.

Splce: Mix and Sequence Shared Audio Online

I must say, Splice is terrific! Splice is an online sequencer that allows a user to search for audio clips (CC licensed), and then mix and publish your audio files.

I think what is neat about this service is that it directly encourages the use and remix of freely available material … more so than just having access to a database of materials.

I hope this service takes off, as I’d love to see where it goes.