One Red Paper Clip & Kipling Saskatchewan Confirmed

As Sean confirms, Kyle of One Red Paper Clip has successfully traded for a house in Kipling, Saskatchewan. Read the details of the deal here.

What I really like is that the town of Kipling is really using this web phenomenon to promote activities in their town. For instance:

– Kipling is going to set up “American Idol style” auditions for the role in Donna on Demand over the Labour Day weekend (Sept 1-4). These auditions are open to ANYBODY from ANYWHERE. Yes, that means you!

– Kipling will build the world’s largest red paperclip in dedication to you and your “one red paperclip project”

– Dom and I will move into the house in time for the Labour Day weekend, and will throw (feel free to quote me on this) “Saskatchewan’s Biggest Housewarming Party, Ever.” It will take place on the Labour day weekend. Everyone in the entire world is invited to come to Kipling for the party. Yes, once again, that includes you! You are invited to our housewarming party this Labour Day weekend (Sept 1-4).

This is an amazing chain of events from something that started with one red paperclip.

Reasons For Not Adopting FLOSS In Ottawa-Carleton

Take a look at the posted response from a superintendent from a Canadian school district defending reasons why not to use FLOSS at any levels of significance.

Clueless. It looks like Microsoft sales reps got to her first.

And what about the trend toward the LMS? I think, if we’re lucky, we will begin to see education back-pedal on that notion.