I just wanted to mention a couple of new(ish) bloggers that are certainly worth the read.

First, my brother George has begun blogging again. He’s starting a new position next year near Edmonton and he’s becoming more heavily involved in educational technology. I’m sure he’ll have lots of great resources and thoughts to share.

Second, my colleague Dr. Cyril Kesten started a blog a few weeks ago. He’s been heavily involved in our Faculty of Education for many years now, and is very influential and knowledgeable in the area of Business Education. He’s written some terrific stuff already.

One Red Paper Clip & Kipling Saskatchewan

I assume most of my readers have followed the One Red Paper Clip site. If not, do check it out.

I just noticed (via Digg) that a new offer on the site seems to come from the Mayor of Kipling Saskatchewan, a community very close to where I live.

Check out the offer:

Kyle, my name is Pat Jackson and I am the Mayor of the town of Kipling, Saskatchewan, Canada. Kipling is an incredible small town in South Eastern Saskatchewan located in the Moose Mountains. (see website ) Our community has an offer for you that you will not pass up. Here is our offer:

I. One serviced residential lot conveniently located near our commercial district. The lot is yours, no strings.
II. A Community Welcome Package containing local information and promotions from local businesses. All new residents to our town receive this package.
III. You will become Honorary Mayor of Kipling for One Day. In this role you will be the Guest of Honor at a Community Meeting in our Community Centre.
IV. You will be given a Key to the Town of Kipling
V. You will receive a certificate making you an Honorary Lifelong Citizen of the Town of Kipling
VI. The day we make the trade will be decreed One Red Paperclip Day by our Town Council and everyone will be encouraged to wear a red paperclip in honor of your achievements.
VII. Will build the world’s largest Red Paperclip. In dedication to you and your “One Red Paperclip Project”
VIII Our local Chamber of Commerce will also include $200 CDN in Kipling Cash which you can spend at any local Chamber of Commerce business.

In addition to all of this, the Mayor and Council of Kipling would like your input as to what to do with the movie role. We have several suggestions and to recognize your achievements so far and allow you to make a deal in your best interest we want you to decide on one of the following options.

A. We will hold a raffle for the movie role. Ticket cost is to be determined. Proceeds from the raffle would be split towards two worthy causes: Kipling and District Parks and Recreation and a charity of your choice. Kipling and District Parks and Recreation is a non-profit organization which controls the management of our local parks and recreation facilities and which promotes sportsmanship, teamwork and active living.


B. We would hold auditions in Kipling at our local Community Centre. Auditions would be American/Canadian Idol style with you being the lead judge on the panel. We would also invite Corbin Bernsen and the Producers of the movie to be on the panel. Anyone wanting to audition would have to make a donation of some kind, either money or an item of their choice. These items would then be split between the Kipling and District Parks and Recreation and the charity of your choice..

That’s the offer! We are confident you will say YES! Now we want to let you know why we are making this offer to you.

As you have been told many times by your bloggers, you are an amazing individual. You have started a real phenomena. The exercise that you have undertaken shows to us your entrepreneurial spirit and your desire to see people making decisions in their best interests. There is no doubt that you recognize value in people, in objects and we hope you recognize the value in becoming an honorary (or actual) member of our community. Our Mayor and Town Council and the residents of Kipling and area know the value of entrepreneurship. There can be no doubt that you are an entrepreneur of the best kind. You are the kind of person we want associated with our community. You are a modern representation of the values and actions of our forefathers. We recognize also that we exist as a community today because we are willing to work together for the interests of the community. Co-operation, Volunteerism and of course trading and bartering still play an important part in our local economy today. We admire you and your one red paperclip idea. We thank you for reminding us of these values. – Gail Dakue – Administrator – Town of Kipling

If You Care About Openness In Education, Read This Post

I was recently informed by my friend Peter Rock, a teacher in a West African school, that his attempts to bring open source software/philosophy into his school context have been abruptly blocked by his administration.

Peter writes eloquently about his experience and gives the grim details. It’s a bit of a horrifying read as what seemed like progress shifted rapidly to a wide-scale ban of free/open source software.

Check out the entire post here, and give Peter your support. He’s a a really tough crusader against some really incredible resistance. This may be one of the most graphic examples I have seen of FUD as it applies to school technology policy.

Update: Miguel Guhlin writes a very thoughtful response to Peter’s situation. It’s definitely worth a read.