Dalton Sherman, Must Watch for Teachers

This is inspirational. For everyone that needs a reminder (or a kick in some cases) why they became teachers, let Dalton Sherman inspire you.

Kevin Jarrett has more information on this video at his blog.

  • I cannot believe this guy! This is definitely what I needed to hear before going into my pre-internship this year, and especially with what I have been thinking through this last little while about teaching elemetary age children. http://bahslerd.wordpress.com/2008/08/14/kindergarten/
    Thanks for the post Alec

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  • Jolene Schweitzer

    Thank you for posting this.

  • Christine

    May I have a transcript of this extremely bright young mans words. I would like to keep it near to me always, so I may be reminded that all is not lost. Thank You Christine

  • etyson

    What is the age of this young person?

  • Alec
  • Watching this again — we’re three weeks away from this year’s production by the Dallas ISD people. Last year we teachers loved this performance. Within eight weeks the district announced they’d screwed up the budget much worse than anyone ever though possible, and they had an $84 million hole. The hole was filled with the careers of 500 teachers and a couple hundred other people laid off. Through the spring the district worked to take funds from this kid’s school, and then from all the other schools.

    Do you think the district would have the guts to have this kid back? What would he say on his own? What script could they write that wouldn’t bring out the cynic in all of us.

    Watch that space.

    (And thanks for the plug, Alec.)