Open/Networked Teaching Keynote at MoodleMoot

I gave a keynote today at Canada’s MoodleMoot ’09 in Edmonton, Alberta. Below are the slides and a list of some key links. The talk was given to about 300 in-house delegates and about 80 online (via Elluminate). I will share the recording once/if I get access.

Relevant links in order of appearance:
- Wordle: Make “beautiful” word clouds.
- Networked Teacher: Diagram via Flickr.
- Twitter: Dominant microblogging tool.
- EC&I 831: My open graduate course.
- Open Doctrine: Alec’s own attack ad.
- Network Sherpa: Diagram via Flickr.
- Cathedral and the Bazaar: by Eric S. Raymond.
- The Fifty Tools: by Alan Levine.
- Free web streaming.
- Omegle: Talk to strangers.
- Twitter Search via Google: Firefox/GreaseMonkey script to get live Twitter results via Google search.
- Amherst College IT Index: Tracks technologies brought in by students.
- “RiP: A Remix Manifesto“: Excellent open source film on remix/mashup culture.
- An Anthropological Introduction to Youtube: Excellent presentation by Dr. Michael Wesch.
- David After the Dentist: My blog post on this viral video.
- The Show: Ze Frank’s one-year long series feat. “if the earth was a sandwich project“.
- Postsecret: Collaborative art project, people sharing their deepest secrets.
- Amateur: Creative video by Lasse Gjertzen.
- Thru-you: An amazing set of tracks that were created by mashing up youtube videos.
- Grad course trailer: Trailer for EC&I 831.
- Thinning the walls: Visualization of networked teaching.

Update: The Elluminate recording is now available here.